27 March World Theater Day

A Letter from Istanbul and the past for World Theatre Day

“In the theatre, as in the plague there is a kind of strange sun, a light of the abnormal by which it seems that the difficult and even the impossible suddenly become our normal element.” (Antonin Artaud, Theatre and Its Double)

Almost a century earlier, one of the great founders of the 20th century theatre inspired us with a book that he wrote in which he pointed out an analogy between the plague and the theatre. Now a century later we are face to face with a similar surge of a disease that dominates our lives beyond borders, ethnicities, class differences, cultures and societies. The virus communicates to us that we are all the same under the same sky within the same skin.

Now in this special day, perhaps we are more than ever forced to rethink the function of theatre in the society. We must find new ways of celebrating life through our stories, exposing life through our crafts. Perhaps the most difficult times of our lives will lead to a new era of life and theatre beyond the imagined nations, classes, races, practices and differences because the virus is like a bird which can fly above all our differences. We must listen and learn from that bird.

Wishing all people in need and despair remedy and courage to learn and rise above these times.

Happy World Theatre Day.

Yesim Ozsoy

Writer, director & performer

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