As per Article 3 of the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce Number 6563, all information about GalataPerfrorm is available on the “About Us” page of the website that is under the domain of aims to help you, our valuable art lovers, to purchase your tickets in the fastest and easiest way possible online. We have designed the Distant Sales Contract found below, in a way to satisfy you as a customer and inform you on all the details about the process during purchasing at By signing up to and/or purchasing tickets, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to the contents of the Terms of Conditions, Distant Sales Contract, Member User and Confidentiality Agreement. In case you have a request or objection that is contrary to sales policies and/or articles of agreement, we recommend you get in touch with us via phone and/or email using the information on our “Contact Us” page before completing any transactions and confirming your order. By purchasing tickets and confirming your orders, you hereby agree to be bound by these articles of agreement. When you purchase a ticket through, we strongly emphasize that the following articles of agreement will be enforced to the entire process, procedure and transactions regarding tickets for events.

Furthermore, by confirming your order; before buying a ticket, you agree, declare and acknowledge in writing that you know the following;

a) all necessary information and contact addresses about our company

b) all features related to the ticket or service you have purchased, as well as the total ticket/service price including taxes and any additional costs,

c) information about payment, delivery, fulfilment and solution methods within the contract regarding complaints,

d) contractual information about the fact that you can lodge your application on your discrepancies with the Consumer Court or Consumer Arbitration committee,

e) you do not have the right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 15(g) of the Distance Contract Regulations.

Before confirming your order, we further emphasize that within the context of your consent, a prior informed approval has been obtained in writing and that the preliminary information approval is an integral part of the contract. In addition, we would like you to know that you have been informed about the contract and that “you will be obligated to pay if the purchase of your ticket is approved” in a clear and comprehensive way.

Terms and Conditions About Tickets

1. As the authorized ticket sales platform, sells tickets on behalf of “theatres, stage, event venue or organiser” (From now on, all of them will be referred to as “Event Organiser) and can charge a service fee per ticket, but does not have the right or authority to determine ticket prices or seat arrangements. The person purchasing the ticket declares and guarantees that they, without any commercial purpose, have bought the ticket for personal use only and that they will not use the ticket for any commercial affairs or businesses, unless the Event Organiser or its representatives have authorised it in writing. For example, the purchased ticket cannot, under any circumstance, be sold to third party buyers, nor can it be sold for a higher price or otherwise; the purchased ticket cannot be used for promotional or other commercial purposes, including but not limited to, advertisements, contests and raffles.

2. The Event Organiser determines the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per person. This number is stated on the event details page, during the second stage of purchasing a ticket. In case of the number of tickets purchased exceeds the indicated maximum number of tickets, reserves the right to cancel purchased tickets unilaterally.

3. The responsibility of controlling and maintaining your tickets belongs to you. In normal circumstances, all sales are final and non-refundable. is in no way responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets.

4. The Event Organizer can cancel events or change dates for various reasons. In this case, the organiser determines and announces the procedures that will be implemented. The Event Organiser, not, is responsible for cancelling the event and/or changing the date of the event. It is your responsibility to be informed about whether the event was cancelled and the new date and time of an event which the date had been changed. We will make reasonable efforts to notify ticket holders of any cancellation or changes if an even is cancelled or the date has been changed, on the condition we receive the necessary authorisation from the Event Organiser. However, we cannot make a commitment and/or guarantee that ticket holders will absolutely be notified about the cancellation or change before the event date.

5. As a rule, all ticket sales are final. In accordance with Article 15 (g) of the Distant Contracts Regulation, you do not have the right of withdrawal from the tickets you have purchased. There will be no ticket replacement/new ticket printing or refund in the event of purchased tickets being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed in any way. Tickets that have been sold cannot under any circumstance be cancelled, changed or refunded except for the cancellation of the event. However, ticket holders can be refunded in cases where they are not able to attend the event of which the date has been changed. The refund total is limited to the fee written on the ticket and the service charge per ticket. It is not possible to request the refund of a transaction or any other fee. In addition, if the event is cancelled or postponed, while the Event Organiser has the right to impose some restrictions on the reimbursement conditions, they also have the right to make changes to the programme. It is within your responsibility to follow the last refund request dates and other instructions determined by the organiser for refunds. No ticket returns and/or refunds can be made outside of the return dates set by the organiser. Within this framework, does not take any responsibility. only accepts credit cards for payment; therefore, the ticket fee of cancelled or postponed events, is only refunded to the credit card with which the ticket was purchased. The refund duration may vary depending on the bank to which the credit card belongs to.

6. The conditions for tickets and/or purchasing tickets have been determined according to the rules of the venue and Event Organiser. The Event Organiser reserves the right to remove you or refuse entry to the even in the case of you violating any of these rules and regulations, or cause damage, discomfort, act illegally and/or in a transgressive way.

7. Entries and exits to the venue of the event are carried out according to the rules and regulations determined by the Event Organiser. You can go in depending completely on the rules and regulations set by the Event Organiser if you are late for an event. Absolutely no one is let in if the event is a theatre play. The ticket of a ticket holder is not suspended, changed to another event on a different date or be refunded after the play has started. cannot guarantee and is not responsible whether anyone who was late will be admitted inside.

8. Tickets purchased for a specific date and event are only valid for that event and date. If the ticket holder cannot attend, the ticket cannot be suspended, changed to an event on another date or be refunded.

9. The use of cameras, mobile phones or recording equipment depends on the rules and regulations determined by the Event Organiser. Therefore, the admittance of cameras or other recording equipment, laser pens and cell phones into the event venue may be prohibited.

10., the Event Organiser and the event venue does not take any responsibility for the personal belongings of customers.

11. The Event Organiser may prohibit any food and drinks customers might bring.

12. While the ticket holder is entitled only to the one place specified on their ticket, the Event Organiser or the venue of the event reserves the right to give the ticket holder a different place other than the one indicated on their ticket. Solely the organiser is responsible for this situation, is not.

13. is not under any obligation, commitment or responsibility related to tickets/ticket sales and/or events other that the price written on the ticket and service fee, if there is any. You are deemed to have previously accepted, declared and committed that the responsibility of is limited to this article and you will not deem responsible outside of the article’s liability limit.

14. You can call us using the number found on’s Contact page if you want to receive information about the process of purchasing a ticket.

15. This contract text is kept by following the drawing of this contract. As of the revision dates, you can always access this contract from the Distant Sales Contract section of our website. If you wish, you can easily access the physical copy of the contract by printing it out.

16. The privacy rules regarding the use of our website and this contract can be found in the Privacy Policy section. While the Privacy Policy is an extension and an integral part of this contract, it will also be enforced in full and take effect with this contract. Therefore, we strongly express that you will be deemed to have accepted the Privacy Policy by approving this contract and/or the purchase.

17. is responsible for the safekeeping and security of any personal obtained. We also state that your personal data cannot be transmitted to third parties except for the organiser of the event for which you purchased your ticket for, without your consent, and cannot be used for any other purposes that those for which you have been notified.

18. All of these terms and conditions are subject to Turkish Law. We have informed all users about the articles of agreement and their contents before the purchase of tickets. You will also be deemed to have accepted the fact that you have been informed about the arrangements of this contract by purchasing the ticket and confirming the order, in addition to this article being proof in writing.

It is our main goal to try and resolve any dispute arising from this contract and/or service or ticket purchase. However, in cases that cannot be resolved peacefully, we would like you to know that you, the consumers who purchased tickets from our site, may take their potential problems to the Consumer Arbitration Committee and/or to the Consumer Courts within the monetary limits published in the relevant legislation.