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GalataPerform was founded as an independent theatre space on the first floor of a historical apartment in Galata, in 2003. GalataPerform, which was found by Yeşim Özsoy and has carried out many projects and plays such as the Visibility Project (1-8), New Text Project and Festival (1-8), has developed a mission to create an independent space open to new texts and directors since 2012. This way, it gained a structure that continues to produce its own plays and projects, while also functioning as a production and publishing house.


Plays that Yesim Ozsoy has written and directed since 2001:
  • "Play Alla Turka" (2000-2001),
  • "Year 2084" (2002),
  • "Home-A Cacophonic Play" (2003),
  • "Limping Tales of Istanbul" (2004),
  • "Playback" (2006),
  • "Last World" (2006-2007),
  • "The Notary" (2008),
  • "Third Universe" (2009),
  • "Turkey-Germany 0:0" (2010)
  • "Century of Love" (2010-2011),
  • "It Was a Calm and Chilly Morning the Day I Started My Journey " (2012)
  • "Elder Child" (2016)
  • "House of Hundred" (2018)
Plays by new playwrights that Yesim Ozsoy has directed;
  • "Stain" (Ahmet Sami Ozbudak) (2013),
  • "Language" (Senay Tanrıvermis)(2014)
  • "Tato " (Artur Palyga)(2017)

International Tours

  • New York International Fringe Festival (2000),
  • New Plays from Europe Theatre Biennale (Wiesbaden, Germany),
  • Now Festival (2004 – Hebbel Theatre, Berlin- Germany),
  • Turkish-German Theatre Festival (2005 - Cologne, Germany),
  • 0090 Kunsten Theatre Festival (2006 – Antwerp, Belgium),
  • Bonn Biennale (Bonn, Germany, 2007),
  • Duisburg Akzente Art Festival (Duisburg, Germany 2009),
  • İstanbul International Theatre Festival (2004, 2006, 2008, 2012 & 2014),
  • Wiesbaden State Theatres (2009, Wiesbaden, Germany),
  • Luoghi Comuni Festival (2010, Bergamo, Italy),
  • New Plays from Europe Theatre Biennale (2014 Wiesbaden, Germany),
  • Theatre an der Ruhr (2014, Mulheim, Germany),
  • Theatre Dortmund (2014, Dortmund, Germany),
  • War or Peace: Crossroads of History Festival (2018, Berlin, Germany),
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2019, Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Piatra Neamt Theatre Festival (2019, Piatra Neamt, Romania)

GalataPerform TEAM

General Artistic Director: Yeşim Özsoy
Projects & Workshops Director: Ferdi Çetin
New Text Project Main Team: Ozan Ömer Akgül, Ayşe Sedef Ayter, Ferdi Çetin & Yeşim Özsoy
International Relations Coordinator: Ayşe Devecioğlu
Assistant Director: Aylin Ocakoğlu
Technical Consultant: Ayşe Sedef Ayter
Technical Coordinator: Umut Rışvanlı
Archive: Batur Belirdi
Logo & Corporate Identity: E. S. Kibele Yarman
Graphic Design: İrem Kılık
Web site: Özlem Çimen
Accounting: Taylan Yıldırım


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