Interview with Yeşim Özsoy // Maria-Àngels Roque

The Contrasting Landscape of Theatre in Turkey: Resisting (with) Theatre // Eylem Ejder – Critical Stages
“Of all theatre groups, GalataPerform, founded in 2003 by Yeşim Özsoy, has played a particularly important role in changing the theatrical landscape in Turkey.”

“House of Hundred” is in the Guardian! // Hürriyet Book Art
“The Guardian has determined the first 50 plays that should be seen from the nearly 4000 shows during the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Notable critics and writers Mark Fisher, Lyndsey Winship and Brian Logan penned the article named “Edinburgh festival 2019: 50 Theatre, Comedy and Dance Shows to See”. While evaluating plays for the theatre category, The Guardian made a list of 20 plays to see. “House of Hundred” was among the top 10.”

Edinburgh festival 2019: 50 theatre, comedy and dance shows to see // THE GUARDIAN

Praise for “The House of Hundred” from The Times // Hürriyet Book Art
“Allan Radcliffe critiqued GalataPerform’s play “House of Hundred” which participated in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for The Times. Radcliffe praises the dynamic performance of Yeşim Özsoy in his article titled “Turkish History Is Almost A Delight”.

House of Hundred review — Turkish history is almost a delight – THE TIMES

GalataPerform: New Text New Theatre Festival // Edoğan Mitrani – Salom
“The fact that the two creators who triggered the Renaissance by the youth in Turkish theatre, are Şahika Tekand in acting and Yeşim Özsoy in writing, is an indicator that Turkish women can run ahead in a relay race despite all the efforts for obstruction.”

What do say to listening to the century’s story from a mansion? // Interview: Betül Memiş – CNNTürk
“A mansion that lived in the Ottoman Empire, saw the change with the Republic and perished in 1959…
A woman who was born in that mansion in 1919 and who still witnesses everything that is happening…
GalataPerform invites us to “House of Hundred” to listen to a century-old story…”

The Ibsen award winning playwright Frederik Brattberg is in Istanbul // AYDINLIK
“Frederik Brattberg, who is indicated as being one of the most important playwrights of Norway, is coming to Istanbul with the support of the Norwegian Embassy and as part of GalataPerform’s international project New Text Project, which has been organised since 2006.”