New Text Project, which is a long-running and international project focusing on new playwriting and theatre styles, became an international project with the support of Istanbul 2010 European Capitol of Culture Agency in 2009 and 2010.

The New Text Project, which was started with the initiative of Ceren Ercan, Dilek Altuntaş, Yeşim Özsoy and Mark Levitas in 2006, ran on two main axes until today. One of these was translating the plays of foreign contemporary playwrights into Turkish and bringing them to the audience by staging them as play readings. The other is the organisation of playwriting workshops. Each year, we call upon people who write or want to write. The artistic team of the project accompanies the writing process by closely following the participants and trying to create an awareness about contemporary theatre worldwide.

As part of the project, up until 2017, approximately 30 playwrights from various countries such as Spain, Portugal, Romania, Iran, Greece, Scotland, Russia, France and Poland were hosted.

The writers whose texts were translated into Turkish, came to Istanbul as part of the project and held workshops with Turkish playwrights.

The playwright aspirants who participated in the workshops received awards both nationally and internationally, their plays were staged and went on to being in the repertoires of funded and independent theatres.