Dear user, by becoming a member of, you will be deemed to have read the following terms and conditions, and that we will be mutually bound by these terms and conditions. That is why we kindly request that you read the following contract carefully.

By filling in the membership form and completing the membership process, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions written below. If there are any decrees you do not wish to accept, you can always cancel your membership and choose not to access the system.

As GalataPerform Theatre, from time to time, we may make changes to this contract and the changes will take effect immediately upon being uploaded to the website. By agreeing to this contract, you agree to all changes and updates that we may make, in addition to guaranteeing checking our website to verify if there are any updates every once in a while. If you continue to login to our website, it will mean that you accept the most up-to-date contract on our website.

The parties to this contract are, on one side, the GalataPerform Theatre, and on the other, the individual or institutional internet users who will be using or is already using the system (will be referred to as USER here on after in this contract)

The purpose of this contract is to determine the terms and conditions for using the website, and to regulate its binding and enforcement between the GalataPerform Theatre and the USER.

ARTICLE 3. CONTENT OF THE CONTRACT, within theatre and performing arts, is a platform aiming to sell online tickets to its users and to provide them with the most up-to-date, accurate information, that can be accessed by members and non-members alike.

This contract contains the terms and conditions users will be bound by when logging into the system as USER in line with the said purpose and thereby looking to purchase an online ticket or learning about GalataPerform Theatre. For this reason, the USER accepts, declares and guarantees to be bound by the decrees of this contract by becoming a member of

By clicking on the “New Membership” button on the system, a person or corporate bodies who want to benefit from the services and selections offered to USER’s, members of the website, agrees, declares and guarantees to be a USER and to fill in all the information in the Membership Form accurately and in full. By guaranteeing this information is accurate and complete, the USER agrees to be solely responsible for any damage that the GalataPerform Theatre or third parties may suffer due to the fact that the information is inaccurate or incomplete. In the event that the information given on the membership form is detected to be inaccurate, incomplete, fake or faulty, the membership can immediately be cancelled and access to the USER’s account may be blocked. The right for compensation for any direct or indirect damages GalataPerform Theatre may suffer because of this is reserved.

The USER agrees and guarantees to take full responsibility for the content they upload and comments they make on the website, that they will not be paid for the content they upload, vote on or comment on by GalataPerform Theatre under any name and that they transfer all their rights, particularly the right of use for the content they have uploaded, voted or commented on, at no cost to GalataPerform Theatre.

The USER is the respondent and solely responsible for any legal request, civil or criminal action that may occur from third parties because of how they use the website. The USER agrees and guarantees that they will not infringe upon the commercial credit, brand, character and honour of any real or corporate being with the content they upload or comment on, that they will not use any phrases and expressions that may lead to unjust competition, that they will not violate intellectual property rights, failing which, they will be directly and solely responsible for the damage, waste, cost and others that may arise from the demands of third parties, that GalataPerform Theatre has no responsibility in this matter, that they will immediately pay after receiving the first written request from GalataPerform in the case of GalataPerform Theatre incurring losses or damages due to the USER acting in an unlawful way, that if there is a third party incurring damage due to the USER acting in an unlawful manner, the USER will be giving GalataPerform Theatre full authority to come to an agreement with the third party, that they will reimburse any expense such as court expenses, attorney fees and agreement expenses immediately upon receiving GalataPerform Theatre’s request.

The USER accepts and guarantees that the content and comments uploaded onto the website can be controlled by GalataPerform Theatre in terms of general morality and the rules of the Turkish language, and that they will not request compensation or something similar due to the changes made by GalataPerform Theatre.

If the relevant USER information is requested from GalataPerform Theatre by judicial authorities, it is unconditionally accepted by the USER that the information will be provided by GalataPerform Theatre. It is the responsibility of the USER to protect their password and keeping it confidential. The USER is solely responsible for any damage, trouble and loss that may transpire from the use of their information by themselves or third parties. If the USER notices that their information is being used in a fraudulent way, they are obligated to report the situation to GalataPerform Theatre. The notification process does not take away the responsibility of the USER emerging from the fraudulent use of their information.

The USER agrees and guarantees to not use their membership and for any illegal purposes, to disrupt public order, violate public morality, disturb and harass others, infringe on the intellectual properties and copyrights of others, and to not prevent or obtrude others from using the services offered by The USER agrees that if they use in a way that can be deemed criminal in accordance with applicable laws, the information about them will be presented to the required parties upon the request of legal authorities.

The USER knows that the IP number is recorded on the GalataPerform Theatre servers when they use respects the personal and privacy rights of all members and the USER, does not use their personal data in violation of the legislations in effect. GalataPerform Theatre agrees and guarantees that personal information belonging to the USER will not be used or given to any institutions or organisations except for legal requirements and/or situations specified in this contract.

The USER is solely responsible for the relationship established by the USER between and any third party, either an individual or corporate member of the website, and any possible damages resulting from this relationship. The USER accepts that GalataPerform Theatre is not responsible for any loss, damage or any other kind of demand and discrepancy, in addition to declaring and guaranteeing that they have relieved GalataPerform in this context.

While using the website, the USER agrees and guarantees that they;

  • will not violate the laws of the Republic of Turkey, international agreements or the laws of other states
  • act unlawfully according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, to the international treaties the Republic of Turkey is a party to, other international treaties and laws of other states, to not act in a detrimental, threatening way, use insults and language containing swearing, abusive or harassing, wrongful acts or slander, vulgar, obscene, defamatory or otherwise not transmit any messages, information, data, text, software or picture or any other type of material that requires the legal and criminal liability of the USER in any way that may violate someone’s privacy,
  • not represent any person or organisation, including but not limited to, the owner/owners, officers, managers or host of in the presence of third parties or express that they are related to said person or organisation in a misleading way that may cause confusion in public,
  • will not change or delete any content on the website, including but not limited to, text, images, graphics, registered trademarks, trade titles and names
  • will not place or transfer any malicious and material such as viruses, trojans, spyware and dialer programs,
  • not use the communication features of the website in a way that restricts or destroys for other users,
  • not place or convey advertisements, promotions, junk mail or span, chain letters, commercial, religious ideas and announcements or any other form of commercial texts, images, sounds, graphics etc,
  • will not direct or display the system for its own purposes using framing or similar technologies,
  • will strictly avoid any procedures and practices listed, but not limited to, above, and any others in a similar nature, that will immediately report to TİYATROLAR.COM if any individuals are found to be partaking in such events, that they will compensate any damages that third parties may suffer and will not subject TİYATROLAR.COM to demands in that nature.

Even if or its authorised representative are notified, will not be responsible for the use or non-use of the system, any procedures, service information, data and any other type of data procured or copied from, or any direct or indirect damages (loss of profit, interruption of business, including but not limited to damages caused by loss of information) resulting from the delay of such information or service.

GalataPerform Theatre will not be responsible for any errors, missing pieces or other faults and/or requests arising from all types of writing, material or information sent through The USER is solely responsible for the maintenance, updating and the charges of these equipment’s, taxes and all types of monetary obligations necessary for using phones, computer hardware, internet and computer security, and access to the system. has no responsibility in this context.

If the USER violates any of the clauses of this contract because of their access to the system and their use of the system, they are responsible for all court fees and expenses, including lawyer fees, losses, expenses, damages. GalataPerform Theatre is in no way responsible for. these numbers.

GalataPerform Theatre reserves the right to disclose current or past USER or system information if judicial authority finds it necessary in case it is detected that the USER’s account is used for illegal acts or if there is convincing evidence to justify it.

GalataPerform Theatre will not disclose the personal information that the USERS convey on the website and the personal information they fill out in the membership form, except for the purposes and content specified in the Privacy Policy or for legal requirements.

GalataPerform Theatre can obtain information about the USERS and how the USERS operate on the website by using a technical communication file (Cookie). However, if USERS wish to, they can change their browser settings so that the technical communication files do not form or so that they can be notified when a technical communication file is sent.

While information regarding the use of the website is stored by GalataPerform Theatre, this information will only be shared with third parties and other users only upon the consent of the USER, except for cases specified in the contract or similar cases. It is always possible for GalataPerform to share it with third parties, provided that the information is anonymized and except the Confidential Information of the USER.

Personal information will be referred to as “Confidential Information” for short, and it identifying information of the user such as their name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail address. GalataPerform Theatre requests and retains some Confidential Information in order to maintain and increase the quality of service it offers. The request and retaining of this kind of information collected on the servers are made for, but not limited to, the following purposes and GalataPerform Theatre does not use this information for any non-operating commercial purposes and does not sell it to third parties: advertising and promotional work, business development processes, building special promotional activities oriented for customer profiles, categorization and target audience research and studies, personalinizing the website so that it is more productive to use, to have contact information in order to share information that we think may be of interest to you other than marketing or non-marketing information, if necessary to share it with third parties just for statistical purposes without your personal information. GalataPerform Theatre keeps Confidential Information strictly private and classified, accepting that it is an obligation, guaranteeing to taking necessary precaution to prevent all or any part of the Confidential Information entering public domain or its unauthorised use or it being revealed to third parties. GalataPerform Theatre will not take any responsibility if the Confidential Information is damaged or seized by third parties as a result of attacks to the when GalataPerform Theatre has taken precautions for information security. GalataPerform Theatre analyses and interprets the visitor movements and preferences by monitoring the way visitors use the website except for the e-mail addresses and the requested personal information on the Membership Form. This statistical data that does not contain personal information, can be shared with the business partners of GalataPerform Theatre. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of GalataPerform Theatre can always be accessed from the main page of the website.

The parties are agreed on the fact that this contract will be subject to the Law of the Republic of Turkey. The USER agrees and guarantees in advance that when the contract is being carried out, they will not only completely and utterly abide by the Law of the Republic of Turkey, they will also abide by the national and international law that concerning any type of content they may have uploaded, voted on or commented on, if they live outside of Turkey and/or reaching from outside of Turkey, to abide by the relevant countries laws. The parties accept and declare that Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices have exclusive authority over any disputes arising from this contract.

Cases that were not foreseen after the enforcement of this contract, that have developed beyond the control of GalataPerform Theatre, and which make it impossible for GalataPerform Theatre to fulfil its obligations and debts partially or completely in time, that GalataPerform Theatre has taken on as part of this contract. Earthquakes, fires, floods, emergencies, chaos, war, uprising and similar situations will be accepted as force majeure. The USER accepts and declares that GalataPerform Theatre will not be responsible for the fulfilling its obligations written in this contract during a force majeure.

This contract comes into effect when the USER clicks on the “register” button and it remains in effect until one of the parties decides to terminate.

GalataPerform Theatre may suspend the USER’s membership whenever it wants without any justificiation, or can terminate the contract by cancelling the membership. The USER accepts and guarantees that the suspension or cancellation of their membership is entirely subject to the unilateral initiative of the GalataPerform Theatre, and in such cases, they cannot allege any rights and requests from GalataPerform Theatre, and waives all their rights for lawsuits or requests.

The USER can cancel their membership when they want by logging into the website and clicking the “Delete My Membership” button, terminating the contract unilaterally. However, the right to retain the content the USER uploaded, voted and commented on onto the website during their membership, is entirely up to GalataPerform Theatre. Following the termination, the sole responsibility for the content remains with the USER indefinitely.

The parties acknowledge and declare that in any dispute that might arise from this contract, the books and computer records, and all kinds of electronic correspondence of both parties will constitute as hard evidence according to Article 193 of the Civil Procedures Law Number 6100.

This contract is enforced when the USER clicks on the “Sign Up” button and becomes binding for both sides.